How to Get Your EX Back

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You might laugh, but love is really ironic. Love relations are okay. But In India, love relations were considered taboo. But now situations change and Indians become more liberated towards love, but still there is some problem. In India, the love and living relationship concept is not that welcomed. So, like in Western countries, you will not be able to get the relaxing vibes that you get into marriage.

In India marriage is everything. Everyone in India expected to get married to the same person they had loved with. But the reality is different from the fantasy. In India, many of the love relations were not fulfilled due to some kind of problem. But marriage is not the topic here; the main topic is love and breakup. And after the breakup how you should get back your ex. Suppose you are an unemployed boy, but you have a big heart, you have a pretty girlfriend who cares for you and loves you, and you spend all night and day with her.

Life is amazing for you two. You go to parties, malls, dinner dates, and whatnot. You spend all your money and energy and time on her. You two are really close and devoted to each other. You get your first job and buy a flat where you two live in. Your families are sure about your marriage. Though your family is not supportive of you still they will give confirmation to it because you two are into each other and your family has not the right to force you into this marriage. So, it will be tough for your family to cut the relationship even if they are not into the girl and so on.

You probably say that in India it is common that parents to interfere in children’s matters, but the reality is according to the Indian legal system, the parents or any other entity cannot force an adult to marry without their consent. An adult will only marry when he wants. It’s all up to an adult. You now are the happiest person. You and your family planned for a beautiful wedding, all are going well. But suddenly you guys have a breakup, your girlfriend leaves you for some other guy and you are still there broke with some dreams, which is really pathetic, the scenes are not good to imagine. Now your whole world is upside down and you are frustrated, but you remembered suddenly that you did bad behavior to her 15 days ago and now you feel registration. Registration is dangerous. Your life is totally ended.

You know that your words cause harm, and the harm is very dangerous. You can’t bring back the things where it was. You are depressed and frustrated now. For you, your life seems to end. You can’t concentrate on your work. The whole world is meaningless to you. But you are still there you want your ex back but don’t know how to do it. Actually, you might know the process, but you are hesitating to do it. Now your marriage was called off. You are in shame in front of your family and friends. Not only that you are a troublemaker in your family. Your family is not able to show their face anywhere. Now see! A broken relationship can make the whole world shutter.

It is a small thing with a big impact. You are now really ashamed of your words. You now can feel her pain and want to go back to her. Your family pressurizes you to cut her from your life but you know you love her and want her back. You know that your words cause the breakup, so you are willing to bring back her.

In this article, I will show you some tips by which you can get back to your ex.

So, without further ado, let’s start the list.

  • Tips to Get Back Your Ex:

As I have said before that relationship is a small thing with great impact, it can destroy your life or give life to you. But all actually up to you how you handle your relationship. If your girlfriend is not with you anymore, then it is the right article for you. Here you will get the reconciling tips.

  • Side Your Ego and Be First to Message:

Men mostly are egocentric, so they think every time that women should apologize to them for every issue. But the reality is in 90% of cases, men are at fault. Your ego actually destroys a good relationship and nothing is created there. So, if you want to get back with your ex you should first give her or him a message of love first. Try to side your ego when you talk with your partner.

  • Listen Carefully:

Try to listen to your partner more attentively it shows how much you are in love with them and this love actually makes your relationship good and long. Your listening quality can make your ex back.

  • Solve the Problem by Discussing:

Love is full of problems. You should have to discuss them with your partner rather than escape from it. Your problem-solving attitude is a mode of caring for your partner.

  • Show Love:

Showing love is another way to get back your ex. When you start to show love toward your partner they will understand your feeling and try to listen to you.

These are some small details, if you follow these points I am sure your ex will convince you unless she or he is a gold digger.

What do you think?

Written by Riya Talukder

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