Both love and cheating are interrelated. If you are not satisfied with love, you will cheat on your partner. After cheating, she will be your ex.

And most likely, if she is beautiful and has a sexy body, she will get another man very easily. That’s why I have told you before that love is ridiculous and ironic.

As I have told you, love relationships are quite complicated if you are not experienced in this field. Many people fall in love throughout the world, but the percentage of successful love lives is low.

In India, the chances of getting married to your girlfriend are next to impossible. Because the society of India is not that open to love marriages. They still think that arranged marriage is the best option when it comes to marriage.

And also, Indian men are not that compatible with their female partners. They have some weird beauty standards for women. The most ridiculous thing is that Indians make love to other women and marry other women.

That is why most girlfriends become ex-girlfriends. But still, due to heavy expectations from men, their relationships become fragile and broken. And the most important problem is that in India, if you are unemployed, no one will give you their daughter. Instead, they will marry them off to some middle-aged guy who is a government employee.

Ego centralism is a dominant problem among men, and because of that ego, sometimes they lose their girlfriends. Let’s take an example of a really flourishing relationship that becomes a disaster at last.

The instance of getting back with your ex-girlfriend is rare. But nowadays, it’s a common thing.

Now let’s know about a story where a person makes his girlfriend come back to him.

Rajesh, a 30-year-old man living in Chennai, had a beautiful girlfriend. Her girlfriend is from North India, and he is from South India.

Both are culturally different, but they still decided to love each other. The girl’s name is Rishita. Rishita is fair, tall, beautiful, and intelligent. She is basically the epitome of beauty with brains, but Rajesh is quite the opposite of her; he is timid and simple. Although he is good at skills and education, he is still less confident and presentable as compared to Rishita. He is dark and tall, but he has a very slim structure.

He does not have a muscular body. He is more like the boy next door type. On the other hand, Rishita is like a model.

Many men are in love with her, but she never gives anyone attention. She loved Rajesh. Although she enjoys the attention that she gets. One day Rajesh and Rishita had some beef between them, and Rishita decided to end their 10-year relationship. The men who liked Rishita before were very happy with her breakup news.

They came to her and gave her sympathy by saying that “You deserve better.” Many men gave her chocolates and pastries as gifts because she was upset. But there was one guy, Mohit, who is in love with Rishita very much.

When she becomes single, he is ready to grab Rishita. Mohit is a caring boy; he is tall and handsome, and he also has a muscular body. So, when Rishita was in pain, he was there all the time. He consoled her a lot. He bought toys, chocolate, and many other things for her. He is basically a caring guy.

After a few days of dating, Mohit wins over Rishita’s heart. Rishita is now more cheerful, as is Mohit.

The entire office is now filled with gossip about Rishita and Mohit’s love story. Everyone is happy except one person, who is Rajesh. He is jealous and also ashamed of his behavior. He went to Rishita to beg for forgiveness, but she denied it. Seeing his love for another person makes him angry, and he takes an oath that he will bring back her girlfriend from another guy.

So he starts his new life with a new oath.

So, I will now share with you the journey of Rajesh and how he is able to win back his girlfriend from another person. So, are you excited?

There are many ways to win your girlfriend back.

Let’s start:

  • How to win over your ex-girlfriend from another person:
  • Make her feel special. If you want to get her back, first try to do something for her. You can plan an outing or a dinner to make her feel special.
  • Spend time with each other. Spending time with each other is the best option to win back the heart of your ex.
  • Do fun tighter: Do tight fun together. Enjoy every moment.
  • Be the first to message: Try to sidestep your ego and message first; this shows that you are sorry and willing to get her back.
  • Try to understand her after the breakup; try to listen to her side of the story. If you try to listen to her explanation, you will both find silence.
  • Work on you: Try to work on your body and make yourself attractive and fit. Do a lot of gym work. Walk an extra mile. Eat healthy food. Make progress in your job.
  • Thinking process changed: Try to talk to her and convince her that your thinking and ideas are now changed and progressive.
  • Acknowledge that you have feelings for her. If you really want to get back to your ex, then try to acknowledge your true feelings for her.
  • Acknowledge her previous efforts in your relationship. Try to acknowledge the sacrifices and efforts that she made for you and your relationship.


These are some points that I think will help you in the future.

Thank you.

What do you think?

Written by Semusi Datta

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