As I have told you, love is a beautiful experience, and those who are in love relationships are very lucky. Love is the most valuable thing in life. The religious ideas are all based on spreading love.

Without love, human life is a big waste. Without love, a human being can’t live. A human needs love and care to survive.

Love is basically a partnership. It will stay forever if you make ample effort. Love is not that cheap. You have to sacrifice a lot of things in your life if you want a stable relationship with your partner.

In a relationship, one has to be careful of the other’s emotions. Making a relationship happy and strong really needs affection and love.

If you don’t have love and affection for your partner, your relationship is doomed to be broken. Not only love and affection but also feelings are important in making your relationship happy and strong. Relations tend to be strong and happy if the lovers are into them.

If you totally feel a bond with your partner, then it will be easy for you to make your relationship strong and happy. Happiness in your relationship is very important; without happiness, your relationship is like a soul devoid of life.

And in fact, your happiness should be doubled if you are in a relationship. And also, your relationship tends to make you strong in front of others. But I noticed a trend in modern love stories: today’s couples are not really interested in making their relationship happy and strong.

For them, relationships are like a time-passing game where you just pass your free time with someone, and then when you get someone new, you will leave your previous partner.

After relationships, loyalty is most important. And if you leave your previous partner immediately, you will never have feelings for them.

I will suggest that you not make this kind of blunder. Don’t be a playboy. Whenever you are with someone, you waste your energy, your love, and your care on them, and the opposite person also does the same.

So, if you are not emotionally attached to them, stop wasting their efforts and start to move on.

The trend of cheating and making out with others is now on the hot list. Everyone thinks that someone who cheats on a relationship is more intelligent than the victim, which is the wrong concept.

If you ditch your real love, then you are the foolish one. You lost the most precious thing that most people don’t have. Love is a very precious feeling.

Everyone should try to understand that. Love is not easy, and if you can’t make it passionate, then tell your partner about that. Nowadays, social media also promotes cheating and extramarital affairs as if they are very good things for society.

They actually don’t try to understand that it will be harmful to our future generation. Our future generation will get the wrong idea and act according to it. They will be at fault.

I saw that boys are more likely to cheat on their partners. I don’t say that girls don’t cheat, but the fact is that girls become emotionally attached to their partners so easily.

So, they are not okay with cheating. They usually do less cheating. In Western culture and now in India, the trend is very popular.

The boys promise the girls to marry them and have a physical relationship with them, and when they have sex with them after that, they deny their promises. This type of cheating has become the reason for suicide for various women.

Women also have to be more serious and careful about that. In today’s generation, everyone is thinking that cheating is very justified and that real love is a foolish thing.

They are more likely to cheat on their counterparts instead of making their relationships strong and happy.

I am sure that most of the couple is not happy in their relationship. Making relationships strong and happy is not that difficult. Your small efforts can make a relationship happy, strong, and beautiful.

People should try to keep their relationships instead of breaking them up. A relationship means a pure bonding where two people will enjoy their love and affection very much.

Your relationship should be a secure place to doze off, not an irritating place where your life can become hell. Relations are very valuable; try to understand your partner that breaking up is easy but maintaining them is difficult.

To make a relationship strong and happy, you have to be committed to each other. There are many ways in which you can make your relationship strong with your boyfriend; you just have to put in some effort.

  • How to keep your relationship strong with your boyfriend:

There are many ways in which you will be able to maintain a strong relationship with your boyfriend.

  1. Give him time: In order to keep a strong relationship with your boyfriend, you have to give him some quality time. You can go for a long drive or walk.
  1. Small caring gestures: Try to remember small details about him. If possible, try to cook for him. Cooking can win hearts easily.
  1. Understand him. If he is disturbed, then try to console him. Try to talk to him. Try to understand his mental condition and all that.
  1. Lovemaking: Man likes the process of lovemaking. Enjoy the process of making love. Give your partner the chance to fall in passionate love with you.


I have told you here about many ways in which you can keep your bond stronger with your boyfriend. Try to use these tips with your partner. Try to light up the sparkle in your relationship. Try to rekindle the lovely desire and love.


I hope these points will be helpful to you.

Good luck.

What do you think?

Written by Semusi Datta

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