Breakups are pathetic. They are hurting people like a sharp wind. The result of a relationship should never be a breakup.

Breaking up will leave a scar on your heart. Imagine loving someone for so long. You were both compatible with each other. You both first met up at a birthday party or somewhere else; you guys instantly felt connected.

Then your friends gave you their support, and you guys started to date.

Everything was great. The first day of your love life became like a dream. You thought that your priceless dream would come to life. You were happy back then.

Everything seems very beautiful to you, like a flower garden full of flowers. You and your boyfriend had great compatibility in bed.

You guys enjoyed your company. His smiling face made you smile, and your small efforts made him smile. You two were good with each other; you dreamed about staying together your whole life.

But suddenly something went wrong in your relationship, and you wanted to break up with him because he was not interested in you anymore like he previously was.

Now everything is crumbling down. He is not giving you the attention, love, and care that you crave.

He is not giving you the quality time that you want; he is no longer making special plans with you, nor do you. And most importantly, he does not understand you the way he did before. You two are quarreling all the time.

None are ready to give up. Your dreamy love story comes to an end, but you are very upset about that. You become obsessed with him but also can’t tolerate his behavior. The situation becomes worse for you, and you can’t decide what to do.

One day, you decide to break up with him. But you don’t want to hurt him or upset him. You want to just make the relationships end with respect.

The context mentioned above is very similar to everyday life. There are many people who don’t want to break up with someone they love a lot, but unfortunately, they have to do that.

There are many examples of females adjusting a lot in a relationship just because they don’t want the separation.

There are lots of examples where people are in abusive relationships and still don’t want to get out of them.

They thought that if they broke the relationship, society would mock them hard. So, there are many people in society who do not want to break up and rather can’t do so because of societal pressure.

I know a girl who was in a very weird situation. She was in an abusive relationship, but she could not break it. Fatima, an educated Muslim girl, lives in Delhi. She met Atif in college. They immediately fell in love in college.

After getting jobs, they both decided to live together. Both are very modern and mature, so their family also allowed that. For the first few days, they were very happy. They went on movie dates, went shopping, and all that.

They were in love. Everything was good. But suddenly Fatima’s world turned upside down. After three years of marriage, suddenly he changed.

He became much angrier. He was always temperate. Fatima worked in a Tele-calling office. Due to her suspicion, Atif forced her to leave her job. And Fatima did so. After leaving her job, Atif always tried to insult her.

He thought that if Fatima went out, other men would approach her. His suspicions became worse day by day.

One fine day, Fatima decided to talk to him and broke up with him. At first, Atif was very furious, but when she made him understand slowly, he started to understand her words, and they both broke up.

Now their paths are different from each other. Fatima had a nonviolent breakup with Atif.

So, if you are not happy with your partner and don’t want to stay with them anymore, then a breakup is a great option. Leave your past memories behind in order to secure your new future.

But breaking up after a long relationship is not easy. Your willpower and your affection will be hurt. Your expectations are also hurting. You can feel the pain of ending everything. Life seems worthless after a breakup.

But I must say that if you are in an abusive relationship, try to end the relationship with respect and leave the relationship.

You may have thought that you would not be able to live without the person, but in reality, you will be able to live without him. Sometimes a breakup is necessary. Letting go is an art.

So, let’s discuss how you can break up in a respectful way.

  • The best ways to break up with someone
  1. Face-to-face conversation: The best way to break up with someone is to have a conversation with them directly. Direct conversations help the other person understand the problems more easily.
  1. Make sure your intention of breaking up is clear: When you are about to break up, before that, make sure that you really want to break up with your partner, and you will never regret your decision later.
  1. It is okay to end a relationship. Before breaking up, you must understand in your mind that breaking up is okay. It is totally worth it.
  1. Be kind. When you are about to break up, make sure you are kind and empathetic. Don’t be rude.
  1. Be sorry. After the breakup, it is predictable that it will be painful for both of you. So, after ending your conversation, ask for your partner’s forgiveness.

These are some tips that you can follow if you want to break up with someone with respect. So, I think these above-mentioned tips can help you break up. So use this whenever you need it.

Good luck.

What do you think?

Written by Semusi Datta

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