Do you believe in astrology? Are you really into zodiac sign compatibility? If yes, then you might search for this type of content.

Many people in Western culture did not follow astrology and zodiac signs before, and the Brits and the whole Western community once made fun of India because they believed in zodiac compatibility.

But now the time has changed, and today western countries are really into zodiac signs and their compatibility and all that stuff.

You might have seen many videos about this kind on YouTube and Google. There are many astrologers who set this up as their business.

If you are Indian, you might see that when a marriage is confirmed between two families, the kundalis are matched.

When a pandit ji matches kundalis, they actually search for your compatibility with your partner. There are many aspects of your kundali that need to be judged.

In India, parents are more likely to see compatibility before marriage. Compatibility means the measurement of your matching gunas.

When a pandit ji matches your kundalis with your partner’s, that means he is looking for the same gunas. If both of you have a lot of the same gunas, then you are both compatible in marriage.

So, now many Indians proclaim that they don’t believe in kundali matching, astrology, and all that because it is outdated in the eyes of Western countries, but now the Western people really enjoy astrology science.

They admit that astrology is also a science. According to some old scripture, astrology was made in India. Many years ago, many enlightened sages developed the theories of astrology.

When Brits came to India, they claimed that astrology science was a fraud and that people should not believe in it, but after they banned astrology education,

They declared that this is the business of selling hope. But the irony is that they are now really into astrology and zodiac sciences.

But the main thing is that you can find many fraudsters in this job; they just choose this job to make money by fooling people. So, it is very risky to believe in an astrologer.

Similarly, nowadays many astrologers open their own YouTube channels where they talk about many things. Among them, one or two people can be fraudsters.

So, digitally, they are also active. You can see on Google that there are many compatibility calculators everywhere.

They will check your compatibility with the zodiac signs. Although they were fun to try, I never believed in that result.

The results are false in the majority of cases. Also, there are many celebrity crush calculators where you have to fill out your zodiac sign, and then the system will show you the celebrity who is compatible with you. Those are all frauds.

But there are many astrologers and tarot card readers who can correctly predict. They are genuine. So, whenever you want to know about a love relationship, it is better to go to genuine astrologers.

So, there are twelve zodiac signs in total, Scorpio is the eighth sign and Gemini is the third sign.

Scorpio is basically an earth sign, and Gemini is an air sign. Both are different from each other. Scorpio is the most savage zodiac sign among them.

Scorpios is a tough sign; they believe in loyalty, and they are more likely to see things clearly without any drama. They are hardworking and proud.

They are a very sexy kind of zodiac sign, which means that Scorpios are really good in bed. But Gemini is not like that.

Gemini is not that much of a sex maniac. Scorpio is an earth sign, so they are more connected to the earth, and they are very realistic in their lives. They have emotions but never express them in public.

There are many other facts as well; let’s dig into them:

  • Gemini and Scorpio sexual compatibility

Generally, Scorpio and Gemini are not that compatible in a sexual relationship. Gemini is not that emotional, which is bad news for Scorpio because Scorpio is emotional in the case of sexuality.

They hold the deepest emotions, but on the other hand, Gemini lacks emotion. It is impossible to have good sex between a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman. They are both the exact opposite of one another.

  • Trust issues between a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman:

                Scorpions are very honest. They like to keep matters clean and doubt less. They can give you hard honesty, but they will also expect that in return, which is very normal.

If you break the trust of a Scorpio, they will never believe you again.

On the other hand, Gemini is not a zodiac sign of extreme honesty. They are actually not as honest as scorpions like their partner is.

  • Communication between them:

Gemini has a good quality of communication, whereas scorpions are not that into conversations. Gemini is an artistic sign. They like to create new ideas. Gemini’s imagination is amazing, whereas Scorpions are more likely to be more realistic.

They are more likely to dig up the real essence of everything. Gemini’s conversations are good, so I think if Scorpio and Gemini have the same interests, then the conversation will be fruitful.

  • Shared activity.

Gemini likes to change in life. Gemini loves change; on the other hand, Scorpio likes n the other hand, Scorpio likes change, but not that much. For Scorpio, the mutable quality of Gemini is irritating.

So, in conclusion, if you are a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman, try to match your kundalis before marriage if you are in India.

If you are a foreigner with the same zodiac sign as I mentioned above, then please try to notice whether your vibes match or not.

Listen in marriage or relationship. One thing is important, and that is the bond between you two. If your bond is strong, then don’t worry about anything. Gemini and Scorpio are not a good match.

Thank you.

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Written by Semusi Datta

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