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How Do You Get Away From Someone You Loved

If you love someone, you never think about distancing yourself from them. You are more likely to commit to them. You are more interested in spending time with them.

If you are not happy with your partner’s behavior, you will definitely want to distance yourself from your lover.

There is nothing wrong with distancing yourself from your love. You might not be okay with the relationship and want to ditch your partner, which is totally okay.

If you really want to distance yourself from someone, then I will suggest that you take your time properly. If you rush over the decision, you might feel bad after some time.

So, make sure you make the decision after thinking a lot. But also remember: don’t overthink one subject.

If you overthink it, you will be puzzled over small things and not be able to make the right decision.

There are many couples who are not likely to break up. They try to stick to the relationship after knowing all the truth.

I don’t support that because abusive relationships are not good. If you understand that your partner does not need you anymore, it is best to distance yourself from them. Because staying in a toxic relationship is a bad decision.

In order to stay away from toxicity, you must cut the cause of toxicity from your life. Your partner must be cut off from your life if he or she is toxic and did something that hurt you a lot. If you cut them from your life, you will notice a positive vibe in it.

If things are not going right, try to take a break from your life. After all, you are a person; you need peace in your life. Peace is the most important thing in your life.

Poorva is a 25-year-old girl from Mysore. She is from a South Indian family. But her career is in Mumbai. When she first came to Mumbai for her job, she met Arun for the first time. Arun is a true Mumbaiker.

Arun and Poorva are from the same office. They were good friends at first, and after some time, they became lovers. Arun is a very good guy with a caring attitude and a killer smile.

Arun is also good-looking, as Poorva is. Both are the power couple in the office. Poorva is living her dream life with the love of her life, Arun. Arun is also happy.

He is a very helpful guy. But Poorva does not like his helpful attitude towards all the women in the office. After all, Poorva fell in love with Arun when he first came to help her. So, Poorva feels uncomfortable and insecure whenever Arun tries to help another girl.

Poorva always tries to understand that her attitude is wrong, but she is still not okay with Arun’s extra-friendly attitude.

She always feels that she is the wrong one, so she is never able to talk to Arun about this particular matter. On the other hand, Arun is aware of Poorva’s insecurity about him. Still, he does it. Whenever I asked him why he did that,

He always says that he likes to help others. Helping is a good gesture, which is why Poorva was never able to tell him to stop.

But she also notices that Arun becomes very touchy with the interns in the office in the name of helping. She knows that it is wrong, but she is now in a dilemma.

She thinks that her mentality is wrong. She is now confused. But one fine day Poorva gets the news that Arun is involved in another relationship with another girl in the office.

Poorva at first denies believing it, but after some time, when Rita, the other colleague, shows her the proof, she is speechless. She does not believe her eyes. She is hurt by Arun. The whole day she is upset.

One time, she also thought of suicide. But her friend Rita stops her from taking that initiative. She advises her to take revenge on Arun. But Poorva is a very soft and pure girl, so she is not ready to do that.

Then Rita suggests that she distances herself from Arun. She ages to the second option and decides to do that.

The next day, when Arun and Poorva both come together at the office, Arun tries to make up with Poorva, but she is firm as a rock and distances herself from him.

So, now we will learn about some tips with which you can distance yourself from your lover.

  • How to distance yourself from your lover:

So, let’s start talking about this.

  1. Stop loving them as you did before. Stop giving them the love and affection that you showed to your lover before. Don’t respond to his or her love-filled messages. Start ignoring them.
  1. Don’t look at him or her in public. After a breakup, if you both meet publicly accidentally, don’t give him or her attention. Don’t look at her like a fool.
  1. Block them from social media: After you take the decision to distance yourself, there is no looking back. If possible, block them from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


  1. Remove all the things that remind you of your lover. If you want to maintain a distance from your partner, then try to throw away all the things that belong to him. The joint photo, the teddy bear, the earrings, etc. All that you have.


If you try the above-mentioned methods, I am sure you will be able to separate from your lover. Remember to take decisions with a calm mind. If you want to be apart, try to make your mind up for this at first. Because once you are apart, it will be difficult to come back to the same person. So I will suggest you think before you take any further steps.

Thank you.

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Written by Riya Talukder

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