In the case of love, age is not a barrier anymore. In previous times, people used to think about age, skin color, and ethnicity. But the picture has changed. Earlier in India, the scenario was worse. Well, you all know how rigid Indian culture is when it comes to marriage! Especially for women. Indians love to target women of any age for any random thing. India basically follows the patriarchal system, where women have to follow men’s decisions.

Basically, in previous times, women did not have the education they needed and were also like caged birds. They were not allowed to make the decision about their marriage on their own. Women also forbade going for love relationships around the 1960s and 1980s. Although many exceptions also happened, they were all few. In the 1990s, the scenario changed a little bit. When India got liberalised in 1991, Bollywood films were also modernised; they started to get influenced by western cinema. So, for a 90s kid, the love-relationship dynamics were a bit different. After the 1990s, the women’s empowerment movement came into the limelight. So, modern women got their rights from women’s empowerment movements.

So, now women have a lot more rights than they had before. Nowadays, a bride can choose her groom. A lady can have a love relationship with a man. Society starts to accept it. They have now become okay with that. People become less interruptive. So, if you have social media or Google, I am sure you are familiar with the news or incidents about same-sex marriage and also old man/young woman relationships.

So, today’s topic is old man, young woman relationship psychology. I think you guys have already heard of Priyanka Chopra marrying Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas is younger than her. Though it is out of context, I tell you this to show you that age is just a number. With the blooming of the internet, you guys also know the term “sugar daddy” or “sugar mommy”.

In Western County, the concepts of sugar day and sugar mommy are very popular. A woman likes to date her sugar daddy. So, if you don’t know what sugar daddy and sugar mommy are, Let me tell you.

Sugar Daddy: Sugar Daddy” basically means an old man who has a lot of wealth. He wants younger girls for dating. He will pay for all your expenses.

On the other hand,

Sugar mommy:  Sugar mommy” basically means an old woman who has a lot of wealth. She prefers younger men for dating.

In today’s topic, we will focus on the cases of sugar daddy.

As I have told you, “sugar daddy is a very popular concept in the West. Women tend to fall for old men who have wealth intentionally. The younger woman will form a relationship with the wealthy old man, and the man will pay for it.

They could have a sexual relationship, and they could also have children together. Sometimes this kind of relationship can be toxic, and sometimes it can be beautiful; it actually depends on the partners. If they want to stay together, they will continue their relationship.

Nina is a 23-year-old Russian woman. Beautiful, elegant, and cunning. She met with Robert in 2018 on Facebook. They both had long conversations with them. Robert is American. He is a widower and the owner of a factory. Generally, he is rich and ready for a relationship. He approached Nina to settle down in the USA with him. But Nina hesitates at first about this relationship. But later, when Nina lost her job in 2020 before Corona, she decided that she would go to the USA to stay with Robert.

When she first came to the USA, she was not sure how much wealth Robert had. But after landing in the USA, she understood that Robert is very rich and that he would make her queen in his house. Nina’s age is 23, and Robert is a 60-year-old man.

Both have approximately a 37-year gap between them. Everyone thought that they would break up soon, but to their surprise, Nina and Robert have been together for three years now. They are happy and cheerful together. Nina also gave birth to a boy in 2021. Robert has a family with Nina right now, and Nina is enjoying her best life in the USA.

Robert pays for everything. But Nina is also sad sometimes. She misses someone of her age with whom she can share everything. So, the old man and young woman’s relationship has some bad sides as well.

Let’s try to understand the psychology behind it.

  • Old man and young man relationship psychology:

There are many aspects to these kinds of relationships. They can be good or bad.

Let’s find out the cause.

  • A woman tends to fall for toxic father figures:

Women tend to fall for men like their father. They crave a father figure who can guide them and love them at the same time. They find it secure to have a relationship with an older man.

  • Exhausted by older women: Those men who are fed up with older women are more likely to choose a young woman for a relationship. They find younger women more attractive and enjoyable


  • Sexually active: A study shows that older men are more likely to be sexually active and creative. Old men prefer younger ladies to have sex with. For them, younger ladies are more fertile and easy to penetrate.


  • Ego issue: By making relationships with younger women or marrying a younger woman, many old men want to boost their ego. Basically, they love to show off their younger wife.


  • Patriarchal society: For women, older men are providers by the law of society. So, they like to go to sugar daddies for money.

These are some points that are effective on this topic.

Thank you.

What do you think?

Written by Semusi Datta

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