How to be a better person in relationship

Relationships are very precious things. I think you all know that love is really a beautiful feeling. Love can make you a human or a demon. Love has enormous power. Humanity is based on love. And it also searches for love all the time. The main sermon of the Gita is to spread love and be human. Lord Krishna also taught us how to spread love. So, love relationships are unique. If you have a lover, then you are lucky. Because love relationships are like the flowers of a fig tree.

There are many people who experience broken relationships. If you have a stable relationship with someone, you are lucky. But having a loving relationship is not the goal; having a healthy relationship is the most important thing. How you are maintaining your relationship is more important. Many people can make love, but they are unable to keep it.

 So that is why I am telling you that having a sustainable relationship is a blessing. And if you have an understanding and loyal partner, then I have to say I am jealous of you! Don’t take it negatively; what I’m trying to say is that you are damn lucky. People usually expect many things from their partners, but I will advise you not to expect anything.

Your expectations can be the cause of your breakup. There are many reasons for breakups. But the most common reasons for breakups are not to change you according to time. See! Upgrade is needed. Even your relationship also needs upgrading. You and your partner should take time to think about why you two should upgrade yourselves.

So, let’s talk about the causes of breakups:

Causes of breakups:

  1. Lack of communication.
  2. Lack of adjustment.
  3. No time for each other.
  4. Unable to change according to time.
  5. Lack of maturity.
  6. Lack of sexual satisfaction.
  7. Lack of understanding.
  8. Using slangs.
  9. Physical torture.
  10. Mental torture.
  11. Cheating on your partner
  12. Make them feel lonely.
  13. Lack of love
  14. Lack of trust.
  15. Always quarrelling.
  16. Denies being a better person in relationships.
  17. Not showing forgiveness.

These are some ample reasons why you broke up. And also, the list teaches us that if you avoid this, you have to be the better person in the relationship. You both have to do that, not one. Because everything depends on partnership in your love relationship. Without it, you and your relation are both zero. You need to be open to change.

It is true that a relationship can’t be the same at all times. You need to understand the needs. Your focus should be on the relationship only. You and your partner have to be good people in order to create a good life. You need to know everything that your partner is going through, and vice versa. Actually, a relationship is nothing but a mixed effort done by two partners. The effort should be equal, but unfortunately, it is always women’s duty to sustain a relationship.

Especially in India, if any relationship breaks down, everyone starts to blame the girl. No matter how much she tries. No one listens to her. Everyone will assume that it is the girl’s fault. So, I must tell you that in a relationship, whether it is a married relationship or a love relationship, the partner should give equal effort; no excuse is allowed here. It is not only girls’ duty to keep the relationship.

The male partner should be responsible for both good and bad consequences. Your relationship is made by you and sustained by you only. Nobody is going to take the blame except you.

Nisha and Krishna have been dating for approximately 9 years. They first met in college, and from then on, they have been together. They have had a beautiful relationship over the years.

Both are educated, lovely, and jolly; they like their relationship so much. But after 5 years of marriage and 4 years of love, they have heated arguments now. But they are not worried about it because they know that it is natural. They accept it with their full hearts.

But they also give each other space to grow. They are open to learning new things together. They say that they actually enjoy the quarrelling, and the arguments become the source of laughter after some time. We are all amazed to see them. But Nisha always advises us to be better people in relationships, which inspires the relationship and also inspires the partner to be good to you. They both open up to growing and loving.

So, now we will talk about tips on how to be a better person in relationships.

  • How to be a better person in relation
  1. Forgiving attitude: If you want to grow in your relationship and want to be a better person, then I will suggest that you forgive your partner. Forgiveness is the most pious gesture of all time.


  1. Be humble. Be humble about what your partner did for you. Be humble because humility has power that can change you internally.



  1. Be a better listener: If you grow in life and also in relationships, I will suggest that you be a better listener who can provide a shelter when the other partner needs peace.


  1. Be patient. Patience is the key. If you wait eagerly and patiently, you will grow in life, and your partner will also know your power.



  1. Be happy: Last but not least, in order to make others happy, you have to be happy first. Happiness can help you be a better person in life.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Use these tips in real life. Be a good human being. This will help you sustain your relationship with your partner. After all, good behaviour determines humanity. Try to be apologetic and lovable all the time.

Thank you.

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Written by Semusi Datta

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