How to improve communication skills in relationship

Communication is very important in your relationship. It is the basis of your relationship. To make a relationship better and more beautiful, you need to communicate with your partner. Love, trust, and communication are the most important components of your relationship. If you lack communication in your relationship, it can break at any time and anywhere.

People with poor communication skills always experience heartbreak. If you don’t really know how to communicate with your partner, then that is not a good sign. If you are afraid of your partner and you can’t talk for that reason, then it is really not good for you two, bro. You are most likely to experience a breakup soon. Always remember that communication in a relationship is very important. If you both are egoistic and don’t like to talk when you are angry, then it is also bad for your love life. Communication is the key to a beautiful romantic life.

A beautiful relationship has a good amount of trust, love, and communication skills. If you are unable to communicate with your partner, you are in trouble. If you are an introvert and don’t like to talk, you have to compromise with your nature and talk with him or her often. Your silence cannot be an answer to others’ affection.

Rusha and Ayush have been in a relationship for more than 6 years, and they are happy with each other. But the problem is that Ayush is an extrovert and Rusha is an introvert, so they had some communication gaps all the time, but they both managed to understand each other and try to understand one another. Their relationship is going well, but suddenly Rusha notices that Ayush does not spend time with her the way he did before.

At first, Rusha is not that bothered, but suddenly she realises that Ayush literally ignores her. As a result, they both have misunderstandings and egos in their relationship. As I have told you, Rusha is an introvert, so she is suppressed by Ayush’s extrovert nature in communication. One fine day, they both have a huge fight, and they decide to break up. Rusha never really gets the chance to prove her point, and Ayush never listens to Rusha during the fight.

So, as a result of poor communication, they both break up with each other. So, I guess you guys already know what could happen if you can’t communicate with your partner well.

So, let’s dig into another segment.

  • Consequences of poor communication skills.

There are many consequences that you have to follow if you have poor communication skills in your relationship; you are most likely to be heartbroken.

  1. Poor communication skills lead to misunderstandings. If you have poor communication skills, you are most likely to be misunderstood. If you can’t prove your point, your partner will make you a cheater when you don’t even have the intention of cheating.


2.  Huge fight: If you are not okay with communication with your partner, you are most likely to get into a huge fight with your partner. You want peace in your relationship; in fact, everyone needs peace in their relationship, but if you don’t have the courage to have good communication with your partner, you are ruined in your love life.


 3. Break up: The worst consequence of poor communication skills is breaking up with your partner. You can experience a big heartbreak if you two have poor communication.

4. Verbal abuse: When you have bad communication skills, it is possible that you two use a lot of slang for each other, which is a sign of a toxic relationship.


5. Non-verbal abuse: If your partner is very strong and egoistic and you can’t express your thoughts to them due to fear, then I must tell you that you are ruined. If you can’t prove your point in front of your partner, then without understanding your point, they will abuse you a lot. If your partner is strong enough, he will use his muscle power against you. And once he physically abuses you, there is no other way to escape other than to break up or divorce. Physical abuse is the most common consequence of poor communication skills. It can be harmful and painful for the counterpart. Many people think that showing power is a symbol of oppressing your partner, which is not right.


So these are some consequences of bad communication skills.

Now we will talk about how you should communicate with your partner in a good way.

  • How to improve communication skills with your partner:

There are many ways in which you can improve your relationship by using good communication skills.

  1. Don’t use slang: If you are ready to make your relationship beautiful, then I will suggest that you not use slang.
  2. Don’t use the past: Try not to point out past incidents that will be bad for both of you.
  1. Don’t use “you” When you are trying to express a problem in your relationship, try to use “our” instead of “you”. Using you shows your arrogance.
  1. Use “I”: When you are confessing a problem and pointing out your fault, don’t just drag your partner along; instead, use “I” to show your partner how you feel guilty about something.
  1. Leave love notes: If you are unable to communicate well, you can leave love notes to your partner because that will be lovely and beautiful.

These are some tips with which you can improve your relationship by communicating. Try to implement these tips in your love life.

I am sure that it will help you have a beautiful and successful relationship. Remember that communication is the key to having a beautiful relationship that will have a happy ending, like in some Bollywood movies. Talking is important. Talk to your partner whenever you can.

Thank you.

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Written by Semusi Datta

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