Cheating on your boyfriend is not a good thing. As I have always told you never cheat on someone who is in love with you. If you cheat on your partner it may give you pain for your whole life.

Not only boys  but also girls are nowadays cheating on their male partner.

Sumit 29 year old man from Pune. He is in love with Monica, who is a dance teacher. Everything was good in their relationship. But suddenly one day Sumit notices that Monica is not giving him the same love that she gave him before. Monica becomes more uninterested towards Sumit.

At first he is confused  but he never thought the worst possibility.  One day he came to Monica’s house to meet her  but instead meeting with her he saw an unknown man opened the door and gave his introduction as Monica’s boyfriend. Suddenly Monica also came from behind and addressed him as “baby” and “darling.

Everything was cleared to Sumit now. And he left the place.

Sumit got cheated openly, but sometime your female partner can leave you in dark and enjoy a love life with other.

Have you ever wondered why your partners cheat on their lover?

Let’s dig into it.

  1. Lack of interest towards partner.
  2. Variety of options.
  3. Not likely to go for long term relationship.
  4. She is really a slut.
  5. Lack of communication.
  6. Lack of physical love.
  7. She is not satisfied with the sex life that he enjoys with you.
  8. She is more likely to drive towards beautiful girls often.
  9. She likes to enjoy the attention of other girls.
  10. She is not a committed guy.
  11. She is not really into you anymore.
  12. She is not one woman man.
  13. She likes multiple partners.
  14. Your girlfriend might be Lesbian.
  15. You guys have many problems in your relationship.
  16. You guys have ego issues.


These are some common causes for cheating.


Cheating becomes a milestone of relationship. After sometime you will definitely be cheated. So, now, lovers also know that they will get cheated no matter how devoted they are toward their relationship. After knowing the truth  many people are not giving the effort that is needed in making a relation successful. Now they are really afraid to involve themselves in any relation. Now day’s people are more prone to take advantages of girls by having sex in a relationship.

Actually  it might hard to digest  but it is true that nowadays relations become sex oriented.  Everyone actually only wants sex and physical relationship. No one is ready to emotionally invest his or her love in their relationship.

The love and relationships  both makes no sense now.  Actually the concept of relationship become like plastic surgery. Now you can’t get my point right?

Let me explain.

When you do plastic surgery on your face, you become someone who is not really you. You are same from inside but not outside. You are tending to show off your features after plastic surgery.

Similarly, when there is no space for love in your relation, then you just fabricate the relationship from outside. Whereas from inside your relationship is empty. It devoid of love, hope and care and it is full of cheating.

Cheating is basically the worst you can do to your partner. Your partner can be better if you confessed that you are not interested in her anymore.

But if you cheat on your partner then I must say you are the worst kind of person in the world. Listen when a person is in love, the person is tending to give you all the things that she or he wants from you. And in exchange she or he wants the exact return gift. But if you are not able to give her the same love then don’t worry at least you can try to be honest and lovable towards your partner.

But cheating is now really appreciated all over the world. Cheating becomes the sign of egoism. The new generation thinks that cheating is cool and it is a justified way to move on, but it is not the case. You have heard that many people tell that they are in open relationship. You know what open relationship is also a cheating.

You can’t trust boy or girl now days because both of them can be cheaters.  It does not mean that a girl is always innocent and a boy is always a cheater.

There are many women who cheat on their partner and still become the victim.

That is not good.

As a boyfriend if you suspect your girlfriend of cheating, then I must say that notice you girl’s behavior towards you. Notice her every day schedule if possible. If anything is wrong you are going to catch her no matter what.


So, let’s discuss some process to catch your girlfriend cheating:

  1. Check her cell phone: As I have told you before that cell phone is the cause of cheating. And cell phone is filled with enormous information if you are able to hold her phone then try to collect information of her cheating.


  1. Change in behavior: If your girlfriend is cheating on you then I must say you that her behavior will be changed. She will avoid you. She will not be caring as she was before.  Actually  she will not be that much interested in you anymore.



  1. Hire a spy: If you are rich then hire a spy over your girlfriend who will collect all the proofs of her cheating.


  1. Come to her place unannounced: If you really want to catch her red handed then I will suggest you best plan. Without informing her  visit her place suddenly and unannounced. If you are lucky you will catch her with another person.

These are some tips to catch your girlfriend when she is cheating on you. You can try these. The last one is specially my favorite!

Thank you.







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Written by Semusi Datta

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