Social Medias do a lot of progress within a short period of time. It really makes aware people about many things. Love and cheating both concepts are popularized through social media to teenagers. Through social media they come to know about, much kind of love relations and also many types of cheating scandals also.  These scandals really give an impact on the mind of other people.  Now days the technology become a pro thing to find out any secret thing from any dark place. Internet becomes the bucket of information. You can have any information here.

In face book, Instagram, reddit, snap chap you can use them to catch cheater and also find lovers. It all depends on your luck, like whom you got a cheater or lover.

I have told you before that love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Love is the other worldly feeling but many of the formed relations are not successful to grow to the last step. They tend to fell prematurely. Now unsuccessful love becomes the trending.  And most interesting is that when they don’t feel love towards each other they are more prone to do cheating on his or her partner. When the love is gone between them they will be like a life devoid of soul. To leave your partner in middle it is not a pleasuring approach.  In today’s generation I noticed a pattern that many young boys and girls are in love but they can’t last in the relation and then they break up with each other. After breakup they just forget about one another and really search for another partner. They never feel sorry for one another. They only thought about their own peace and once they are breaking up with them they are not really needed in each other’s life. They are really become stranger. But it should not be the case. If you love someone with all your heart, after breakup you will feel a sharp little pain. You will feel to cry. You will miss him or her all time. You want to see her face all time. And most importantly you want to bring back him or her by any means. But now in most of the cases once the breakup is occurred your partner will forget you and her or he never wants you back. I think the main problem is that in today’s life you have enormous choices over partner.  The choices are responsible for the quick breakups between men and women.

But all are not the same. Some are like playboy or playgirl type they just think about their own satisfaction and nothing, so, when they broke up with someone they never want their partner back, they never even recognize you. But on the other hand there are some people who know how to love somebody. They love you with all your heart and even you have break up with them they will at least try to convince you or try to bring back.  Cheating is not a way to show your partner how unwanted he or she is. I saw a new trend on social media where youngsters justified cheating they don’t ashamed if they are called cheaters! It is totally unexpected. If you love someone you are bound to convince her or him for minimum one time. But now days the dynamics of relation is changed where cheating become the symbol of intelligence and real love become the symbol of foolishness.  Teenagers are now in love relationships, they are also in cheating scandals which is ridiculous.  Cheating becomes a fashion worldwide. Those who cheated on many girls or boys are considered as cunning and attractive. In old school love you will hardly find any cheating like this.

  • Some quick reasons of why a person cheats:
  • Lack of communication.
  • Lack of love.
  • Lack of interest.
  • Multiple choices.
  • Many hook up apps.
  • Lack of timing.
  • Lack of care and affection.
  • Problems in sexual life.

These are some quick causes of cheating.

It mostly same for men and women also. After all both can be cheater.


Similarly, when there is no space for love in your relation, then you just fabricate the relationship from outside. Whereas from inside your relationship is empty. It devoid of love, hope and care and it is full of cheating. Cheating is basically the worst you can do to your partner. Your partner can be better if you confessed that you are not interested in her anymore. But if you cheat on your partner then I must say you are the worst kind of person in the world. Listen when a person is in love, the person is tending to give you all the things that she wants from you.


Due to the advancement of technology now you can catch a cheater easily.

In this article we will talk about the Reddit app.

Many of you might not hear about it.

Let me explain:

Reddit app: It is a famous American app, where you can write and discuss about any topic you like.  It is basically an app where people tend to share their thoughts openly. It is most likely a discussion room that you have in your house. The room where everything is discussed.


  • How you catch a cheater in Reddit:

It is not that easy to catch a cheater in reddit.

You can not directly catch a cheater there; it does not have any special feature like that. But all you can get from here is good advice. If you need some tips about catching cheater you can come here.

You just have to post it online in Reddit that you want to catch a cheater and you will notice that within few minutes the users will come into your rescue. They will give you a lot of good and helpful advice.

This is all for today.

I hope it will be helpful.

Thank you.




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Written by Semusi Datta

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