Cheating is like a virus which is spreading to destroy the mentality of the mass. Cheating is now new trend. Many celebrities involving themselves in cheating. But they are not bashed instead they are being celebrated for their cheating scandals.

Listen! Media is always hungry for cheating scandals. And they sell celebrity love scandals like hot popcorn. The mass audience is also likes to indulge themselves within this topic.

Majority of the audience are most likely to listen to these kinds of cheating news.

And media also knows it, so they sell it with extra cheesy. They make the news of cheating or scandals extra juicy. So, audience gets influenced by them.

When there is no phone and laptop or internet, the filmy magazines were the only source to know about these kinds of news. So, these scandals were the path of entertainment for only rich people who can afford it.

But after the boom of internet, everyone has the access of internet and social media. Everybody has a smart phone and internet. So these kinds of news become more and more popular among mass.

They are get influenced by the news. But one thing I must say that audience become really a bunch of idiot.

You will find out now why I say this. After seeing that news of cheating and scandals, the audience tries to follow it and ruin their relationships.

Not only celebrities but also influencers are copying the pattern of celebrities and cheat on their partner. There are some more examples where the celebrities try to stay relevant by spreading a rumor about their relationship or cheating.

For example you can see the Kardashian and Jenner clan who are in news not because of their work or projects but because of their relationships and cheating scandals.

If you follow the reality show of “keeping up with the Kardashians” you might remember the biggest cheating scandal of Tristan Thompson and Khole Kardashian.

See! The celebrities and influencers also creating hype over the topic of cheating.

After seeing this the young generation gets influenced and tries this on their relationship.

Cheaters can conceal themselves under the veil of good person. Especially we can compare cheater with snakes. Like snakes, they are ready to bite you from behind.

You trust them but they will break your heart and believe and make you an insecure person. If you are a sensitive person and you are very loving then I will suggest you to be careful of cheaters. If you date a cheater and your partner accuses of cheating in your relationship, then it will be hard for you to bear the news. After the incident you may have an emotional breakdown. And you will think yourself as a person who is not good enough to sustain a relationship.  Cheating is a unisex incident.

What I am really trying to say that a woman can be a cheater and also men can be the same. Both can be cheaters. So, it does not make any sense when people only blame boys of cheating.

Though it is true that boys are more likely to cheat yet still girls are not in the last place when it comes to cheating.


There are many women who like to cheat on men in social media and after cheating they also take money from the person.

So, What I am trying to say that cheating can be happen anytime, anywhere and it can come from boys and as well as from girls also.

If your timing is bad then cheating can come from any direction. After all cheating becomes a symbol of intelligence and power. Loyalty becomes the matter of joke. In my opinion old school love was far better than this modern love. In modern love there is no soul, and care. Everyone is only waiting for their profit even in love relationship.

I must say that ego is a very common reason behind cheating. In order to satisfy their ego people agree to cheat their partner without thinking of the beautiful moments that they spend together.

They just only thinks about themselves, because, now days people find profit in love.

Love becomes secondary. Physical relationship becomes primary. Especially youngsters are really not into real love and loyalty which makes me feel bad.

They actually don’t understand the main meaning of being in love. For them physical love is the ultimate goal.

All these things happen because we indulge this type of content on internet.

Though I based internet above but one thing I must admit that due to the improvement of technology we are able to catch cheater frequently.

I think you all know about Iphones, which is a hot topic in market. I phone becomes the symbol of social status. If you want to show off your money in front of you family and friends the best way is to buy Iphone and click a mirror selfie.

But Iphones have some cool features with which you will not be caught and can cheating.



If you don’t want to show your personal messages to your partner then you can apply this method which I am going to explain right now.

  1. Delete messages right away: If you want to keep your lover secret from your partner then try to delete him or her message after reading it.


  1. Disable message preview: Go to settings> notifications>tap on message>show previews> tap on off.


  1. Use invisible ink feature: Go to message app>click on the icon on the top right side> type number of the recipient > type messages> tap and hold the blue arrow beside typing box> various message options will open> choose invisible link.> your message will not appear as normal message.


These are some simple process with which you will not get caught even you are cheating on Iphone.


Thank you.









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Written by Semusi Datta

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