Well, till now I have handled many cheating related articles. I am writing about cheating for some time now. Sometime it is boring and sometime it is interesting. When I started to write about cheating, I thought it will be boring. But I was amazed when I learnt that there are many interesting things about cheating. There are many process and methods with which you can cheat on your partner and never get caught.

After doing a huge research on cheating, it seems that I have become the master mind of cheating (just kidding!). When I was researching on the topic I found out total 100 to 150+ ideas to cheat on partner. It really shocked me, but still these research works actually is benefitting people oops sorry cheaters!

I will give you one good advice to keep your relationship intact and that is not doing cheat on your wife, husband, boyfriend, and girlfriend.

But if you really want to cheat on your partner then I will suggest you to do it in secret. At least don’t get caught.

Now you will ask me how this is possible to cheat on your partner and don’t get caught!

Many intellectuals will come to argue with me that cheating will expose one day for sure.

Okay, I also agree with the point of view of the intellectuals. But at least you can hide your other relation from your wife for like one year if you are secretive about it.

You don’t believe me right?

Let me tell you a story:

The story is about Hitesh. He is from Gujrat. He is married to Sejal a Gujrati girl from Surat. It is an arrange marriage. Both are happy in their initial years. But after having their first baby, Hitesh seems indifference about Sejal. Both don’t have the love and affection that they shared before. Due to child birth Sejal is weak. And Hitesh uses the opportunity and tangles in to an affair with a woman. Sejal finds out Hitesh‘s behavior very problematic. But she thinks that it occurs due to stress of work. So Sejal try not to suspect him.

One and half year is passed now, Sejal never finds out about Hitesh’s affair. Hitesh cut the affair with the woman and came back to Sejal.  Everything is now normal.

Though he is a cheater but still I have to appreciate Hitesh because of his intelligence. Because women are good stalker and they can feel when something is wrong. Hitesh totally dribbling off the suspicion of Sejal like a pro player.

Hats off!

Believe or not, but there are many problems when you try to confront the other partner of cheating:

Suppose your relationship is going well with your girlfriend. You both are happy and beautiful. Everyone likes your pair. You are the hot power couple of college. But suddenly your relation becomes a mess. Suddenly you come to know that your partner cheats on you with other person. Generally it will be hard for you to bear the trauma. And you will try to confront your partner for this behavior.

But there is a chance of chaos when you will try to confront your partner. He or she may use abusive words or bad language on you. If both of you are aggressive then there is a high chance that you two might have a big fight between yourselves.

Or, there is a different situation also. If you try to confront your partner about cheating he or she will play the victim card to you. She can portray herself or himself as the victim of the relation. Your partner might give you blame of anything.

So, beware, if you think that you will simply go to your partner and confront them, it might be difficult. I will suggest you to do that after discussing with your close friend ad family. As I have told you before that loyalty is no celebrated anymore. Here and there almost everywhere you will find many cheaters.

As I have told you cheating is not justified in any case. Even if you cheat on your spouse you will have to go court for your mistake.  Cheating becomes a mile stone of relationship. After sometime you will definitely be cheated.

So, now, lovers also know that they will get cheated no matter how devoted they are toward their relationship. After knowing the truth many people are not giving the effort that is needed in making a relation successful.

Now they are really afraid to involve themselves in any relation. Now day’s people are more prone to take advantages of girls by having sex in a relationship.

Actually it might hard to digest but it is true that nowadays relations become sex oriented.  Everyone actually only wants sex and physical relationship. No one is ready to emotionally invest his or her love in their relationship. Same goes for marriage also. Marriage has become the permission letter of sex for boys.


After telling you the disadvantages of cheating,

Let’s make cheater husbands lucky with some cheating tips that they can follow when they will cheat on their wives.

  • Tips of cheating on your wife without getting caught:
  • Choose a place far away from your home and office: When you go to meet your side chick try to fix a place that is far away from your house and office. In doing this there is less chances to being caught.


  • Give same time and affection to your wife: If you want to avoid the suspicion of your wife make her happy and give her time.


  • Don’t use phone all the time: Avoid doing message to your side chick all the day.


  • Delete messages right away: Delete the messages or proofs of your affair right away.


  • Tight the security of your phone: Phone is the source of your all information. Try to keep it safe by tightening the security of it.


Though I don’t like cheaters but still I provide many tips for you with which you can cheat on your wife without getting caught.

Thank you.




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Written by Semusi Datta

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