Cheating and love are two contradictory things. You can’t make them sit together. They are opposite of on one other. They are the contradictory idea which is the basis of human kind. Really you believe it or not but the main sermon of every religion is love and the whole human kind based on love. You can’t deny the fact.

Don’t take me wrong, but the main purpose of religion is to make a human civilization which spread love and harmony. But our leaders really make this idea a corrupted idea, which really can destroy our life.

Like politics or social life, marriage is also based on the idea of love and affection. You can’t deny the fact that arrange marriage and love marriage both really need to have love in it to survive.  So, without love a nuptial life can be destroying for good.

Many so called intellectuals think that women don’t cheat their spouse in marriage. But let me tell you now days cheating become a unisex thing. Women also cheat on their spouse.

Let me tell you a story where the wife cheat on her husband and gets caught after sometime.


Murti is 25 year old woman from Chennai. She had arranged marriage with Rajanathan who is also from Chennai. Rajanathan is 36 years old. He is older than Murti. At first in their marriage all things were good. Both had an amazing honeymoon in Kashmir. But after sometime, Rajanathan noticed that Murti became indifferent to her.

She was not attentive to him like she was before. At first he did not give it importance but after some time he also realized that something was wrong with Murti. So, One day he followed Murti and found out that she was in affair with Rama swami another man from their neighborhood.

Not only following her but also Rajanathan used many other ways to find out about Murti’s affair.

Later in this article we will talk about it.

For now let’s look at the causes of cheating.

  • Causes of cheating on you spouse:
  • Lack of interest.
  • Lack of love.
  • Huge age difference.
  • Lack of energy due to lot of work.
  • So much stress.
  • Not have matching vibes.
  • Difference of choices.
  • Abusive relationship.
  • Using physical strength on your partner.
  • Lack of sex in life.
  • Family pressure.
  • Lack of adjustment.
  • Lack of understanding.

These can be reasons of cheating in marriage life.

Remember! Cheaters can conceal themselves under the veil of good person. Especially we can compare cheater with snakes. Like snakes, they are ready to bite you from behind. You trust them but they will break your heart and believe and make you an insecure person.

If you are a sensitive person and you are very loving then I will suggest you to be careful of cheaters. If you date a cheater and your partner accuses of cheating in your relationship, then it will be hard for you to bear the news. After the incident you may have an emotional breakdown. And you will think yourself as a person who is not good enough to sustain a relationship.  Cheating is a unisex incident.

What I am really trying to say that a woman can be a cheater and also men can be the same. Both can be cheaters. So, it does not make any sense when people only blame boys of cheating.

Though it is true that boys are more likely to cheat yet still girls are not in the last place when it comes to cheating.


There are many women who like to cheat on men in social media and after cheating they also take money from the person. So, What I am trying to say that cheating can be happen anytime, anywhere and it can come from boys and as well as from girls also.

If your timing is bad then cheating can come from any direction. After all cheating becomes a symbol of intelligence and power. Loyalty becomes the matter of joke.

There is an increase in the rate of divorce in India. Thought India has the least amount of divorces around the world but still the divorce rates are increasing day by day.

So, let’s come to the point:

  • How you can catch your wife who is cheating on you?

There are many ways to catch your wife if she is cheating on you. As I have told you Rajanathan also used many ways to catch his wife red handed.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Check messages: Whenever you get the access of your partner’s phone try to check her messages in any message apps.


  1. Check location history: Try to hack her phone or set some GPS tracker on her phone, which will help you to check her location, whatever places she will go.


  1. Check for trash folder: The trash folder can be the bucket of information if the owner of the phone is involved in an affair. Try to check her trash folder; you will definitely get some information there.


  1. Create a fake profile: If you are desperate to catch your wife then creating fake profile on social media is the best option. If you want to keep an eye on your wife’s movement in social media, you have to create a fake profile. After creating a fake profile you will send her a friend request, if she accepts it then you will have the access of her photos and videos which she will post on-line.


These are some ways with which you will able to catch your wife who is cheating on you. The last one is my favorite.

I have told you here about many ways with which you can catch the cheater. Try to use these tips on your partner to find out if she is cheating or not. Don’t flow with emotion. Remember a cheater is always a cheater. So, take high steps against your partner.



Good luck.




What do you think?

Written by Semusi Datta

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