Technology gives us a good life and also it taking away our peace of mind. With the growth of technology we are addicted to social Medias. We meet many people on social media every day. Some of them become close and only one of them can be the lover of yours. So, you can get lovers from face book also.   So it is a good place to meet strangers and making friends with them.

Facebook basically an app with which you can make friends and post pictures, videos. It also helps you to chat with other people on your friend list. You can make tons of new friends from here.

According to face book their message services are end to end encrypted.  It is a secure app to deal with. Your chats are very secretive here.

Due to the progress of technology we get many hooks up apps or dating app. So, people get more access to various option in the case of partner. So, this makes the humans cheaters.

As I have told you the technology gives us various options in the case of dating, still it also gives us the way in which you can catch your partner if he or she is cheating.

So, let’s discuss the signs which can tell you that your partner is cheating on face book.

  1. Spending more time on face book: When your partner has a relation on Facebook you will notice that he or she is spending more time on Facebook. Always they are in Facebook. For your partner Facebook become the most precious thing.


  1. Changing password : When your partner is cheating on you , you will notice that he or she changes her or his passwords unexpectedly.


  1. Several friends of opposite sex: When you partner is cheating, you will notice that they will have more and more friends of opposite sex.


  1. Don’t share couple photos anymore: When a person is cheating in Facebook, he or she avoids sharing couple photos. Because these couple photos can destroy his or her new relationships.


  1. Enable privacy on specific posts: When a person is cheating in Facebook he or she is more tend to enable the privacy in Facebook


  1. Posts only own photo: During cheating your partner will post own photos


  1. Creates another profile: To avoid their own partner they open new profile on Facebook when they are cheating.


So, these are the red flags that can give you a hint that your partner is cheating on you.

Cheating is not a good thing. Cheating can make your life destroyed Cheating can give you mental break down without any hint. Cheating is like a poison in your love life.  In a relationship trust is the main thing. You should not entertain the cheating culture in your life. A cheating incident can make your life hell. Those who are cheated on you can also be affected badly. If you want to drop your relationship try to confess it face to face without cheating on your partner. Cheating is not a way to leave a relationship.

But cheating is now really appreciated all over the world. Cheating becomes the sign of egoism. The new generation thinks that cheating is cool and it is a justified way to move on, but it is not the case. You have heard that many people tell that they are in open relationship. You know what open relationship is also a cheating.

Now unsuccessful love becomes the trending.  And most interesting is that when they don’t feel love towards each other they are more prone to do cheating on his or her partner. When the love is gone between them they will be like a life devoid of soul.

To leave your partner in middle it is not a pleasuring approach.  In today’s generation I noticed a pattern that many young boys and girls are in love but they can’t last in the relation and then they break up with each other.

After breakup they just forget about one another and really search for another partner. They never feel sorry for one another.

They only thought about their own peace and once they are breaking up with them they are not really needed in each other’s life.

They are really become stranger. But it should not be the case. If you love someone with all your heart, after breakup you will feel a sharp little pain.

You will feel to cry. You will miss him or her all time. You want to see her face all time. And most importantly you want to bring back him or her by any means. But now in most of the cases once the breakup is occurred your partner will forget you and her or he never wants you back.

I think the main problem is that in today’s life you have enormous choices over partner.  The choices are responsible for the quick breakups between men and women.


See! There is a huge consequence of cheating.

A friendly reminder:

Don’t use technology is doing bad things. Use it for your own good.

Let’s come to the point:

  • How to catch a partner cheating on Facebook?

Let’s talk about the way.

So, there is an app whose name is mSpy. It is a very useful app. It is basically software which is used to read messages of Facebook of the targeted phone. It also helps to read the secret messages.  It takes $40 as charge.

This app is actually built for parents to keep an eye of their children’s social media.

You can use it in both Iphone and Android. Though you need a jailbroken  to use it in Iphone.

It monitors:

  • Call logs.
  • SMS and messages.
  • Facebook secret chats.

So, if you want to catch your partner who is cheating on you on Facebook, you have to download this app.


Good luck.





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Written by Semusi Datta

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