Whatsapp is a useful app.  Everyone should install this app. It is very user friendly and easy to use. If you are not tech you also can use it with ease, your phone actually needs Whatsapp.  It is basically a messaging app where you can message many people at one time. Also you now have the feature of money transferring there. It is an app which is end to end encrypted. It is basically claimed to be a safe and secure app to use.

But the most disturbing face is that people use this often to cheat on their partner.

Cheating is now very common in romantic relationships. Anybody can cheat anytime.  Loyalty is not that much celebrated. Everyone is now busy with cheating. People invent new new ideas to cheat on their partner.  For cheater cheating is like their style statement.

Who is cheater and who is not, it is very difficult to say, because, now days if anyone gets the chance to cheat they will cheat no matter what.

Suppose your relationship is going well with your partner. You both are happy and beautiful. Everyone likes your pair. You are the hot power couple of college. But suddenly your relation becomes a mess. Suddenly you come to know that your partner cheats on you with other person. Generally it will be hard for you to bear the trauma. And you will try to confront your partner for this behavior.

But there is a chance of chaos when you will try to confront your partner. He or she may use abusive words or bad language on you. If both of you are aggressive then there is a high chance that you two might have a big fight between yourselves.

Or, there is a different situation also. If you try to confront your partner about cheating he or she will play the victim card to you. She can portray herself or himself as the victim of the relation. Your partner might give you blame of anything.

So, beware, if you think that you will simply go to your partner and confront them, it might be difficult.

I will suggest you to do that after discussing with your close friend and family. As I have told you before that loyalty is no celebrated anymore. Here and there almost everywhere you will find many cheaters.

Cheaters can conceal themselves under the veil of good person. Especially we can compare cheater with two faced person. Like two faced person, they are ready to stab you from behind.

In my opinion old school love was far better than this modern love. In modern love there is no soul, and care. Everyone is only waiting for their profit even in love relationship.

I must say that ego is a very common reason behind cheating. In order to satisfy their ego people agree to cheat their partner without thinking of the beautiful moments that they spend together.

After doing a huge research on cheating, it seems that I have become the master mind of cheating (just kidding!). When I was researching on the topic I found some common causes of cheating.

Causes of cheating on you partner:

  • Lack of interest.
  • Lack of love.
  • Huge age difference.
  • Lack of energy due to lot of work.
  • So much stress.
  • Not have matching vibes.
  • Difference of choices.
  • Abusive relationship.
  • Using physical strength on your partner.
  • Lack of sex in life.
  • Family pressure.
  • Lack of adjustment.
  • Lack of understanding.
  • Not communicating.
  • Excessive ego.


I suggested you not to cheat secretively. Actually it is quite difficult due to the upgradeation of technology. Technology will catch the cheaters.

So, let’s talk about the signs with which you will understand that your partner is cheating on you on Whatsapp.

  1. Spending more time: He or she will spend more time if he or she is involved in an affair.


  1. Change in behavior: When a person is cheating, he or she changes their behavior.


  1. Hiding Whatsapp status from you: When your partner is cheating you, they tend to hide Whatsapp status from you.


  1. Check deleted messages: If you get your partner’s phone just try to check their deleted messages.


  1. Check last seen: If your partner’s last seen is off and he or she is online but don’t reply your message then understand that there is something wrong in your relationship.

These are the ways that will give you a hint that your partner is cheating on you.

Now, let’s talk about

  • The ways to catch your partner cheating on you on Whatsapp.


  1. Use mSpy: mSpy is an effective app to catch cheaters. You just have to install it. You have to pay $40 as the payment of subscription. With the help of mSpy you have the access of their secret messages, call logs, SMS, and emails. You can install it on Iphone and Android. Though you need jailbroken to download it on Iphone.


  1. Use tricky message: It is also an app to catch cheaters on Whatsapp. It is banned in many countries. With this app you can send a fake message pretending as your partner’s lover to your partner and notice their tone of messaging. But there is a catch, if you want to use this app perfectly you have collect a phone with unknown number. And name of the suspected contact.

By using this app you will get 100% hard proof of cheating.



Hope you will be benefitted with this article. I have told you here about many ways with which you can catch the cheater. Try to use these tips and apps on your partner to find out if he or she is cheating or not. Don’t flow with emotion. Remember a cheater is always a cheater. So, take high steps against your partner.

Thank you.

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Written by Semusi Datta

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